If you are planning a visit when is the best time to travel to Ireland?

Most of our cycling and walking holidays in Ireland run all year round. However, the best time to travel to Ireland is probably from Spring all the way to Autumn, so you can make the best of the long days. Ireland has a mild Atlantic climate and temperatures are quite pleasant, perfect for cycling and walking all year round. You might get a bit of the famous Irish rain but you will rarely get extreme weather conditions: snow and heat waves. The weather is over favourite topic in social circles in Ireland. This is mostly due to the fact that it can seem unpredictable. As with all of our quirkiness in Ireland, this is part of the appeal so embrace it. You will find that everyone loves to discuss the latest weather patterns in Ireland; from the local bar to the hotel receptionist you will get an account of the weather.


Yes, it is true that you can experience all types of weather during any month in Ireland but there are some months that will allow you drier walking conditions then others.

With the mild, temperate climate, although sometimes rainy, you can visit at any time of year but you need to think about what month you choose based on the activities that you have planned.


For hiking and walking holidays Autumn is probably the best season to choose as the days are still long and the weather is usually the driest. We also love this time of year as the bushes are bursting with blackberries and the leaves on the trees have started to turn a lovely shade of orange.

Ireland is full of colour in the summer months. Summer by the sea, the Wild Atlantic way cycling and walking trails are magnificent. Some routes may be busy, others are more peaceful but the sunshine makes an appearance on most days.

In Winter, you should consider the flatter terrain. There are plenty of options for walks, the Wicklow Way and the Causeway coastal way are stunning trails with epic views, taking you


along some of the moody paths that inspired many writers and poets. If you are keen to experience the cosy pub atmosphere of the rural villages along your walk than winter is a lovely time to be on the trails. A warm bowl of seafood chowder and a creamy pint of Guinness will be music to your ears after a long walk.

Ireland can also be beautiful in Spring as the fields go green again and flowers bloom wherever you look. Look out for the wild daffodils that create a sea of yellow across rural Ireland each March – brightening up any walking route! This is the season where all of the green landscapes come to life.



If you are an outdoor enthusiast like all of our staff members than you are probably not phased by a little drizzling rain or even harsh cold conditions. Thankfully in Ireland we are seeing record levels of sunshine and the rain is keeping itself for the winter months of December to March. If you are searching for the best possible weather you can book anytime between June and September. You will find that the days are long, giving you plenty of time to walk the terrain and stop for a relaxing picnic along the way. Around the famous Cliffs of Moher can be crowded at this time so if you are walking the Burren Way you could book a visit to the cliffs in advance.

For peaceful trails and warm weather late spring (March and April) and early Autumn (September and October) are usually lovely months where nature is either starting to grow or ripe to pick from the trees.


There are certain times of the year when Ireland is alive with activity. Unless you have never been to an Irish bar (which is highly unlikely in this day and age) then you are probably familiar with our small celebration for St.Patrick. This Patron Saint has a week long festival named after him. Celebrations take place on every road and in every pub across the country for this week in March each year.  The capital city of Dublin can get very busy at this time of year so it is advisable to book well in advance.

Be mindful of opening and closing times during other public holidays like Christmas and Easter time.



Everywhere in Ireland is beautiful in its own way, and only you can choose the destinations based on your own personal taste. If sunshine is on your mind, then head to the sunny East coast of Ireland, known for getting the sunniest days each calendar year. You’ll also find some beautiful beaches in this region, around County Wexford. If you don’t mind a bit of wind, then the Wild Atlantic Way is calling. This spectacular coastal route is filled with beaches, quaint villages and and stunning cycling routes. Both Galway and Mayo are favourites among visitors to Ireland, known for their warm welcome and colourful buildings.

For more information about any of our walking and cycling tours in Ireland please contact one of our travel specialists.


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