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Travel to Ireland Update July 2020

We hope our fellow adventurers are safe and well. We wanted to give you a quick travel to Ireland update this month and to share the latest Irish travel news.

Travel to Ireland Update July

Currently, there is a quarantine (14-days) rule for travel into Ireland.

Recently it was announced that there will be a “green” list of countries published on July 20th.

On this list will be the countries that can freely travel to Ireland without the need for quarantine after arrival.

This list will be updated every two weeks as the situation changes and we will endeavour to keep you informed on our COVID-19 Travel news page.

Tourism is very important in Ireland and there are many beautiful Irish hiking holidays to take around the country.

In addition to helping you to plan your hike, our hiking holidays come with the very best accommodation available along the routes.

Many of our partner hotels and guesthouses along the routes are open and reopening this summer.

To help them get “COVID-ready” to welcome back guests, the Irish government has outlined a number of guidelines for reopening.

The COVID-19 Safety Charter

In June the Irish government announced the new COVID-19 Safety Charter.

This is similar to the Seal of Responsible Travel and the Clean & Safe Stamp issued by the Spanish and Portugues governments respectively.

It outlines the guidelines that tourism and hospitality businesses have to adhere to for the reopening of their properties and services.

Once guidelines can be proven to be adhered to, the businesses can apply for the Safety Charter and can display it on their premises and online.

We are constantly checking in with our partner accommodations to ensure full compliance with the guidelines and that they are covered by the COVID-19 Safety Charter.


We will be back shortly with an update of how one of our Guesthouses is reopening and the measures they are putting in place for your health and safety.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the travel to Ireland update, please get in touch using the form below:



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