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Top 4 Family-Friendly Hikes in Dublin

Although winter is just around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to get outside and go on some family-friendly hikes!

Hiking as a family is one of life’s simple pleasures and finding your favourite family-friendly hike in Dublin will guarantee years of adventures and exploration.

Top 4 Family-Friendly Hikes in Dublin

Plenty of Dubliners are discovering a new side to the county they may never have seen before – Dublin has a lot of natural beauty, and we’re not just talking about its stunning coastline. Dublin also has some great family-friendly hikes that are perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning.

So for this weekend, if you are getting out on the trails with the family try one of these great family-friendly hikes and let us know how you get on. Happy hiking!

Hike 1: Killiney Hill (Easy)

The great thing about this hike is that it is a short and easy climb to the most spectacular coastal views of Dublin and Wicklow.

Located on Killiney Hill Road in South County Dublin, it is easily accessible by DART also.

This hike combines forest, hill, coast, and rolling grassy areas for picnics. As a bonus, there’s a great playground for the younger kids and a cafe where you can pick up a well-deserved ice cream treat.

The hike is never too busy and there is plenty of space as there are a few routes to choose from. You can even bring a buggy if you don’t mind carrying it a little.

It’s about a 1-hour hike to the top and back with kids (giving yourself plenty of time to explore) and it’s suitable for all ages.

Tip: There’s plenty of parking but get there early on a sunny day as it tends to fill up quickly!

Hike 2: Ticknock Fairy Castle Loop (Moderate)

Located in the Dublin Mountains, you will find this hike just 3 km Southwest of Sandyford.

The entire loop, the climb from the forest park to the top of Three Rock mountain then to the top of Two Rock Mountain is approximately 6km.

With plenty of time for exploring and enjoying the view, this hike should take around 2 hours in total with the kids.

You can always cut the walk short by climbing to the top of Three Rock mountain and back down through the forest. This is just over 3K and might be more suited to smaller kids and buggies as there is a tarmac path.

Kids will enjoy the forest and if you are into mountain biking, there is a great forest track dedicated to bikers.

Tip: Bring a picnic and definitely get there early, especially at the weekend as parking can be a bit of a nightmare.

Hike 3: Carrickgollogan forest trail (Easy/Moderate)

This is another beautiful forest trail with a stunning view of Dublin and Wicklow.

There are two options here for hiking, one which is a 2 km 45-minute walk through the forest and which brings you up to the lead mine chimney. Enjoy spectacular views from here.

If you are feeling up to it, there is a second option for a moderate climb of 30-40 minutes which brings you to the top of Carrickgollogan hill. The views from here are unbelievable and it is well worth the climb.

This trail can get quite busy so it’s best to enjoy it at a quieter time if possible.

Tip: There is another family-friendly hike closeby called Barnaslingan. Instead of turning into the left car park, keep driving and you will see a sign for another car park on the right for Barnaslingan Forest – check it out if this one is too busy!

Hike 4: Hellfire Club (Moderate)

This is another stunning view of all of Dublin that is a great reward after a moderate climb for families.

Located on Montpellier Hill, around 6.5 km south of Rathfarnham, this is one family-friendly hike that is perfect for this spooky time of year!

Give yourselves 2-2.5 hours for this hike (from the car park at the bottom) as once you are at the top (after a bit of a climb) you will want to explore. The kids will definitely want to explore the “haunted” old hunting lodge.

This time of year, wrap up warm and bring a picnic to enjoy at the top!

Tip: We are organising a Guided Sunday Walk at the Hellfire Club on the 25th of October which is perfect for families.


Grab your tickets and enjoy the spooky atmosphere at one of Irelands’ most famous “haunted” sites:


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