Insider tips for The Kerry Camino

The Kerry Camino walking festival is nearly upon us again this year, but you can also experience this wonderful trail at any time of year. Kerry is world renowned for its welcoming hospitality and rugged natural landscape. It’s a fabulous combination for avid walkers.

We decided this year to celebrate the festival by putting together our definitive list of Kerry Camino Tips.

Pack a lunch

The beauty old The Kerry Camino is that it is a secluded, unspoiled trail. This is perfect for when you want to immerse yourself in nature, but so not ideal if you get a hungry belly. Days’ one and three walking The Kerry Camino have little options for food. Make sure to pack a lunch!

Prepare for the Terrain

On the first day of The Kerry Camino, from Tralee to Camp, you will cross some rocky and uneven terrain. make sure that you are wearing comfortable walking shoes with robust soles. A set of walking poles will also help you sail over the trail!

Take a rest at Inch Beach

Day two on The Kerry Camino is an absolute treat. You leave behind the difficult terrain of day one and traverse quiet gentle country trails, enjoying mountain and ocean views. A few kilometers before you reach Annascaul you will pass Inch Beach. There is a lovely cafe here and on a nice day, you can take a dip in the ocean. It’s the perfect spot to recharge your batteries.

Visit Sean Óg’s for Trad

Sean Óg’s pub is a stalwart of the Community in Tralee. Here’ you will taste some of the finest Guinness the country has to offer. Make sure you stop by and experience s a trad music session. And don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Get your Pilgrim Passport stamped

If you want to get your certificate of completion don’t forget to have your pilgrim passport stamped wherever possible. Local establishments are becoming more familiar with the trail and will be delighted to help out! You can collect your certificate at St James Church!

Say hello to the locals

Some sections of The Kerry Camino Trail pass through farmland and you are likely to encounter locals. Make sure you are respectful of their land and the trail at all times. Littering on the trail is never a good idea. Don’t be afraid to say hello though, Kerry people are famous for being great fun!

Spend an extra night in Dingle

Dingle is a gorgeous little town that has become well accustomed to welcoming tourists. We’d recommend you spend an extra night here to fully explore. Say hello to local dolphin, Funghi, watch surfers on the beach, enjoy some fresh seafood and soak in authentic Irish culture.

Dress Appropriately

We don’t, mean dress to impress here. Ireland is famous for its unpredictable weather. Check the forecast a couple of days before you hit the trail. Always carry a rain jacket and sun protection. You may need both in one day!

Look out for the arrows

The Kerry Camino is extremely well marked and your chances of getting lost are very slim. It’s still important to keep an eye out for the markings on the trail that will guide you to your destination. They are colored green and yellow, like the flag of Kerry!

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  1. By Maria

    Dear Brian, thank you so much for getting in touch. Our team will email you some details. A transfer could be organised from Shannong to Tralee, that would be no problem.

  2. By Brian kelly

    Hello kerrymen
    Been following your site a while. We live on cape cod in US where president Kennedy had his summer house.
    We have been to dingle 3 times in 40 years and love the area. The walk from Tralee to dingletown (3.days) sounds interesting. We are both 66 but walk 3-4 miles daily all our lives. We think we can handle the 3 days. Would be interested in you folks transporting our gear from hotel to hotel these 3 days..also do u have walking poles for that first day which sounds the toughest?

    Another issue is getting from say Shannon to Tralee. We would probably stay in dingle an extra few days. My wife ann (she’s an o’neil) has an elderly relative who owns Krueger’s tavern in dunquin.

    So any travel advice U can offer re the walking part is appreciated. We would travel either June or September.

    One idea we had is rent a car in dingle when we get there for a few days and drive to Shannon at end of trip. Another possibly impractical idea is rent car for week at Shannon, drive to Tralee, leave car there for 3 days while we hike then I somehow get back to Tralee to get car. Perhaps u folks shuttle people daily between the 2 towns? No idea what to do.

    Looking forward to your response and advice.
    Brian Kelly

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