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The Greenlife Fund supports Mossy Earth Reforesting Project Ireland

As part of the Greenlife Fund, are supporting the Mossy Earth organisation with a fantastic reforestation project in Co.Clare, Ireland. Their main aim is to plant the right trees in the right places. The team at Mossy Earth have teamed up with local partners to plant trees across 60 hectares of abandoned farmland in the West of Ireland. Tree species


such as Willow, Alder, Birch, Holly and Blackthorn are native to Ireland and therefore easily adapted into the environment.

Today Ireland has 11% tree cover but only 2% is natural forest. Ireland must meet legally binding targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2030, and are doing so by planting mainly coniferous plantations.

planting-native-trees-in-ireland-greenlife-fund-irelandwaysWHY YOU SHOULD PLANT A TREE

  • You will receive a unique photo of your tree and GPS coordinates to show you the location of your tree.
  • Receive regular updates about the reforestation project with photos and videos of what’s happening.
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping you updated on the progress of the project and the on-going fight against climate change.


The aim is to plant over 5,000 trees this year, creating a rich biodiverse habitat of native tress for flora and fauna.

Plant a Tree



  • Contribute significantly to the 30,000 trees required to reforest this mystical corner of Ireland.
  • Increase the biodiversity of the local area.
  • Build a native, healthy and resilient forest.planting-trees-in-ireland-mossy-earth-reforesting-project-ireland
  • Showcase to local farmers that agro-forestry can work.
  • Help salvage lost areas of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.
  • Inspire a generation to return Ireland to its Gaelic roots.

The Greenlife Fund was set up in 2016 to support inspirational projects and sustainable travel projects associated with any of the regions that we work with. In 2016, the fund was mossy-earth-plant-a-tree-irelandawarded to the Burren Way Volunteers programme which helped to maintain the safety and condition of the trails. Each year we aim to support an initiative that gives back to the community and has a positive impact on the environment. This year we are delighted to be supporting Mossy Earth and their partners with this wonderful reforesting project in Ireland.

We would like to wish all of the team on the ground the best of luck with this great green initiative.



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