7 dreamy reasons to go on a walking holiday

We all know that walking is good for you but how good depends on how well you immerse yourself into your surroundings. In the past studies have shown how walking regularly slows down the aging process, helps expose you to more Vitamin D, can help to repair old DNA and decrease your risk of heart disease. Are there any other reasons why we should embark on a walking adventure?

Taking time out from our busy lives to go on a walking holiday means we have more time for ourselves to think, to meditate and to dream. Here are our top dreamy reasons to go on a walking holiday:

To feel at one with nature

Fresh air, lush green landscapes and crowds of forests are just some natural features of a walking holiday. As we spend more and more time surrounded by technology we start to crave natural landscapes. Besides the welcome boost of Vitamin D, a walk with nature allows us to reconnect with land. Land that provides nourishment, encourages growth and provides the pathway to new beginnings. To get back to nature in Ireland check out the wonderful Wicklow Way.

To practice Mindfulness

beara-way-reasons-to-do-a-walking-holiday-irelandwaysYou will find beautiful places to practice mindfulness on all of the Ireland hiking routes. The whole journey is a mindfulness experience if you let yourself become fully aware and appreciate the moments along the way. Connect with the natural world by closing your eyes for a few minutes, taking
deep breaths and just enjoying your immediate surroundings. Mindful immersion encourages us to feel contentment by paying attention to every detail of an activity. Walking may be something we take for granted on a daily basis but something spiritual and enlightening on a long distance journey.

To get a sense of achievement everyday

Give yourself a pat on the back when you complete day 1 of your walking holiday and maybe a pint or two of Guinness when you complete the week. A walking holiday is a great chance to celebrate your ability to complete a task and any walking holiday is a challenge that you should be proud ofreasons-to-do-a-walking-holiday-irelandways finishing. On average you will walk between 15 – 25km per day, somedays more than others, and other a whole week you could walk up to 120kms. This is no easy task. If you are looking for your next challenge try hiking around the Iveragh Peninsula on the Kerry Way.

To be inspired by new cultures

Experiencing the culture of a place that you have never been to before can trigger new ideas, ways of thinking and teach you a little too. Food, storytelling locals and history are synonymous with Irish culture. Maybe this is all the inspiration you need to add to your lifestyle when you finish your trip.flowers-walking-holiday-irelandways

To get to grips with history

Ever get the feeling that you have lost touch with the past? A walking holiday is a great way to reconnect with the history of a place. Unlike other holidays where you may stay in one place, on a walking holiday you can enjoy discovering many places, often passing through towns packed full of history and culture.

To boost your senses with new sounds, sights and smells

Flowers rise up to meet you and trees bow to greet you on any walking holiday. There is no better way to get acquainted with the landscape than allowing your senses to take over. This follows on from our mindfulness point. Let your mind relax, listen to the birds chirping, smell the flowers and the salty smell of fresh seaweed by the coast in Ireland.howth-cliff-walk-reasons-to-go-on-a-walking-holiday

To feed your dreams and your brain

A walking holiday is the ideal way to make a connection between physical and mental world. Studies have found that walking improves creativity. If you are hoping to have a good brainstorm about your next big idea or a project you are working than getting outside for a walk is a way to harness the power of the relaxed brain.

These are just a few of the many reasons to go on a walking holiday. Maybe you have another reasons to add to the list? If you would like to learn more about any of our walking holidays you can contact one of our Travel Specialists.



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