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Packing Essentials for a Walking Holiday in Ireland

Deciding what to pack for a holiday in Ireland can be a challenging task but we love a challenge and the great thing about any holiday in Ireland is that you can experience all seasons in one week.

We have put together some packing essentials to get you ready for your next walking or cycling holiday in Ireland. Planning what to pack and how to pack is key.

You should put together a list of what to bring and just as important: what not to bring on your walking holiday in Ireland.  We have narrowed down our list to the basic essentials to put in your suitcase.


Let us help you to get organised with a small packing list!

1. Essential Clothing

You may be choosing to walk the Burren Way or any of the popular trails in the summertime but it is Ireland so remember to pack for all seasons.

The weather across the Irish countryside can be unpredictable but you should check the National weather forecast a week before your trip to get a general idea of conditions that you will experience.

Dispersed rainfall is common so a rain jacket is an essential item for your list. A light, foldable raincoat that is easy to carry will make your walk a lot more comfortable.

When you begin your packing plans remember the type of adventure holiday that you are about to do. Glamorous outfits and high heels are
unnecessary. Think about bringing soft, comfortable shorts and t-shirts for your days walking.

For the evenings you may want some warm jumpers and sandles to let your feet have some air after a long day in walking shoes. For the long-haired men and women, don’t forget some hair bands to help keep your neck cool.

2. Backpack

With our tours we help you with the luggage so you don’t need to worry about carrying any large rucksack or dragging suitcases.

You will probably have a suitcase full of clothes for the week but this will be transferred to your next stopping point every day.

You do however need to bring a small backpack or bag that can fit some water bottles each day, your wallet for the nice cafes along the routes and some valuable snacks for that extra boost of energy.

3. Suncream, Sunglasses, Hats

These may not seem like the obvious items to include on a trip to Ireland but we can experience great summer days and the wind along the Atlantic Coast will give you that sun-kissed glow anytime of the year. Bear in mind wind can be just as damaging as the sun to the skin.

A high factor suncreen lotion will help to infuse moisture into dried out skin and protect against sun burn. Apply the cream generously each morning and make regular top-ups during the day.

In addition to sunscreen buy or borrow a good pair of sunglasses. These will protect your eyes and help you to keep on track if the sun is blinding.


4. Take care of your toes

Be sensible in your choice of walking shoes. If you are planning to do any long distance walking or cycling holiday you will need a suitable pair of shoes.

Any outdoor gear shop will advise you on the most suitable shoes or boots, depending on the terrain of the walk.

If you buy a new pair of shoes it is important that you break them in. Practice walking before you go on your journey and make sure you are at the right level of fitness for the trip. A comfortable pair of thick socks goes hand in hand with your walking footwear.

Merino wool socks will help to prevent blisters, absorb sweat and protect your feet. Sandals and other flat shoes can be worn in the evenings when you are out in the local towns enjoying the Irish culture.

5. Pocket items

A few smaller items that are often forgotten but essential packing items for a walking holiday include; blister blasters, a toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-flammatory cream, anti-histimine tablets, pain-killers and a camera with some batteries.

6. Bring a book

A good book that you have always wanted to read is a great item to add to your packing list. After a long day of walking and sightseeing you may just want to curl up in a warm bed with a book.

These are just a few of the many packing essentials that you may want to take with you for your next adventure.

If you have any questions about our walking or cycling tours please contact one of our travel specialists.


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