Mossy Earth wins Greenlife Fund 2018

We are delighted to announce the Mossy Earth reforestation organisation as the winners of our 2018 Greenlife Fund. This fund was set up to support and promote sustainable travel projects that help to promote great causes near some of Europe’s top trails.

This year alone the Portuguese wildfires have caused major destruction in vast areas of land across Northern Portugal.  The fires were held responsible for over 100 deaths and destroyed about 29,000 hectares of land. Mossy Earth are helping to combat the wildfires and provide a sustainable forested area that will replace a large portion of the areas that have been affected.

To start this initiative we have planted one tree per staff member in Northern Portugal where Mossy Earth have secured a site to reforest the area. You too can be involved and we would hope that many walkers from around the world will support this fantastic project. Mossy Earth will provide you with exclusive GPS coordinates of the area where the trees are planted and regular updates on the forest.


Here is a short video to give you an overview of the project and the big plans we have to tackle the ongoing wild fires in the region.

The Greenlife Fund is part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. One of the objectives of the fund is to support projects that help protect the unique environments around the tours that we operate.

To learn more about the Greenlife Fund or any of the walking or cycling trails in Ireland please contact one of our Travel Specialists.




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