Why we love: Cycling in West Cork

Bursting with character and brimming with charm, West Cork is one of the most alluring parts of Ireland. Here, the welcomes are abundant and the late night conversation flow like Murphy’s on tap (the underdog in the Irish stout game, beloved by Corkonians), there’s never a dull moment on this Wild Atlantic Way cycling route in the disputed real capital of Ireland, from Kinsale to Glengarriff.

Kinsale---Wild-Atlantic-Way-cycling-Kinsale-to-GlengarriffThe Remoteness

A bastion of old Ireland. West Cork is a place where locals proudly wear their locality like a medal. This is not simply Cork. No, this is west Cork. If you wanted to get away from it all there really is no better place. As with most things that make Ireland Ireland, its downfalls are also what make it so bloody charming. Limited access by public transport routes have resulted in this part of the country becoming a sort of rural haven from the fast pace of urban life. It wouldn’t be unusual to happen across a world-class music venue or Michelin guide listed restaurant in some unassuming coastal village, just don’t expect them have wifi! This artsy charm is all part of what makes West Cork what it is.

The Food

The coast of Cork has long been known for producing fresh, high quality produce with holidaymakers in their droves flocking from far and wide to sink their teeth into the local cuisine. Starting off strong, the route sets off from the Mizen-Head-Wild-Atlantic-Way-Ireland-Waysbeautiful port town of Kinsale, renowned for its delicious seafood. Food lovers will be in their element along this coastal trail. Whether you’re a fiend for fresh fish, addicted to oysters or simply can’t get enough of Clonakilty black pudding. This section of the Wild Atlantic Way cycling route is dotted with wonderful places to eat and drink. Food fanatics can get a chance to sample the best of Cork cuisine at The taste of West Cork food festival from the 9th to the 18th of September 2016.

The Experience

Picture the scene, it’s you and ySheeps-Head-Lighthouse-The-Wild-Atlantic-Way-Ireland Waysour two wheeled companion roving through the hinterland of West Cork. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be this slow, this free, this connected with the earth? Moving your body, breathing in the fresh air, far away from the city, in a place where the locals wave at each passerby and the road really seems to rise up to meet you, as the old adage goes. As I’ve mentioned above, part of the charm of this part of the country is its sheer remoteness. Luckily for you, a bike is precisely the thing that will make accessing this part of the world infinitely easier and more enjoyable. Allowing you access to places that it otherwise would not have been so easy to visit.

The serene beauty of this unadulterated countryside, the friendliness of the locals and the added bonus of being able to eat to your hearts content without a glimmer of guilt are just some of the things that make this section of the Wild Atlantic Way cycling route from Kinsale to Glengarriff the perfect place for a cycling holiday.

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