Our favourite Irish Christmas food

The food that we serve up at Christmas is as important as putting the decorations on the tree. From the perfectly prepared ham to the all important box of Cadbury’s Roses, Christmas is a time when we indulge in some foodie delights. Starting by putting out the carrots for Santa’s reindeers on Christmas Eve and finishing with our most treasured item from the selection box we know how to include food in every part of Christmas. Here are some of the Christmas foods that Box-of-Roses-chocolates-food-Irelandthe IrelandWays,com team have on their Christmas treat list:

Box of Cadbury’s Roses – Lisa

This is a personal favourite. Every year we scramble at the box of delicious chocolates to get our favourite flavours. The colours of the wrappers are just as enticing as the chocolate itself. Under the tree or opened on the kitchen table you will find a box of roses in most houses around the Island of Ireland at Christmas time.

Hot whiskey – Caroline

Is there anything better than a hot whiskey on a cold winters night?! If so I have yet to find it! Whether it’s a night curled up on the couch with a good book or a Christmas movie or it’s seeking shelter in the local pub from what seems to be never-ending torrential rain, it never fails to warm my hands, or to lift my Christmas spirit!

Every possible version of potato

Would it be an Irish Christmas without our beloved Smoked-Salmon-Irelandpotato? The simple answer is no. We take the Christmas day dinner as the perfect opportunity to show off our most prized vegetable. Every version of cooked potato is put on display; roasties, mashed potato, boiled potato and potato croquettes, you can sample them all!

The perfect Ham

We think that the ham is nearly as important as the turkey when it comes to Christmas dinner in Ireland. We spend hours preparing the perfect ham either on Christmas Eve or in the early morning of Christmas day. How was your ham is a common question between larger families where competition is rife for the tastiest Christmas. Some flavoursome toppings include adding a can of cider to the oven tray plus some of the water juices that the ham has cooked in. To make a tasty honey glaze mix 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of honey and grate the skin of an orange over the skin of the ham. Delicious!

Smoked salmon – MartinFoynes-Irish-Coffee-Ireland

If you are calling to relatives the day after Christmas their turkey may be gone but you might have made it just in time for some smoked salmon and brown bread. Smoked Salmon, for generations it’s a been a way for Irish people to pretend we’re a little bit classy.

Irish coffee – Claire

There’s something very special about sipping an Irish coffee beside the fire on a cold evening over the Christmas period.  This drink is made with coffee, brown sugar and a few spoons of Irish whiskey, topped off with a good dollop of whipped cream. It is thought that this drink was invented in 1942 by a chef from Limerick named Joseph Sheridan to welcome Americans visiting Ireland.

There are so many Christmas foods we love that we couldn’t possibly include them all but if you have any Christmas food traditions that you would like to share please send them to us.

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