Away from it all: Remote walking routes in Ireland

How many of us would like to turn off for a week? A break from Facebook, twitter, snapping and time away from the screens. An outdoor adventure like a walking or cycling holiday will give you the chance to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the internet. Sure, you can log on in the evening to share your adventures with friends but take the days as time out to enjoy the peaceful strolls.

Here we pick some of the remote walking routes in Ireland that will allow you to explore nature in Ireland, free from the noise of everyday life.

Walk the rural tracks of the Sheep’s Head peninsulaMussel-farm-The-Sheeps-Head-Way-Ireland-Ways

On this route you will travel back in time to follow the ancient cattle tracks. Enjoy outstanding natural beauty as you make your way through some of Cork’s most Southerly points. On the first day you leave the lively town of Bantry and soon find yourself alongside impressive sea views. Follow old agricultural tracks and stroll the quiet boreens, stopping in sleepy Irish towns along the route. This is a special way to bask in the unspoilt landscapes of this remote peninsula. At the end of your Sheep’s Head walk you deserve a treat so stop by O’Connors seafood restaurant for some of the freshest fish in town.

Length: 91 kms/6 nights

Discover the forests of Ireland on the Wicklow WayLough_Te-Wicklow_way-Irelandways

Renowned for its mountainous tracks and wide reaching lakes, the views on the Wicklow Way will leave you speechless. ┬áThe forest trails wind up and around steep sided glacial valleys. When you reach Lough Tay, a highlight of the trail, take some time to sit and revel in the surrounding nature. To set the mood for your walk why not download the soundtracks to Braveheart or Michael Collins, just two of the Hollywood movies with scenes shot in Wicklow. The epic orchestral sounds will keep you entertained as you walk. At the end of this route you can treat yourself to a city break in Ireland’s capital, enjoying the atmosphere in Dublin City Centre.

Length: 135 kms/8 nights

Admire the jagged cliff edges on the Burren WayThe-Cliffs-of-Moher-Burren-way-Irelandways

Is there a better way to experience the best of land and sea in Ireland? We like to think of this walking route as the best of both worlds. The Burren Way is the perfect combination of coastal tracks and captivating natural landscape. Starting in the surfing mecca of Lahinch take some time to meet the locals and stop into Kennys bar on your first night for some Irish traditional music. Prehistoric forts, quiet farmlands and a 19th century castle are just a few fantastic features that you will come across on your journey.

Length: 102 kms/6 nights

Escaping from technology is getting more difficult than ever. It has become part of our everyday lives and it is hard for us to imagine life free from connectivity. Embarking on a trip on any of these remote walking routes will give you time to appreciate the natural world and realign your appreciation for the outdoors, giving you some well deserved thinking time.

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