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A Walk for all Seasons: 4 Amazing Walking Trails for 2020

Every season has something to offer the outdoor enthusiast when they visit Ireland. From the fields of daffodils in Springtime to the fresh wild atlantic waves in summertime. Enjoy these amazing walking trails in Ireland in 2020:

A Walk in the Burren for Summertime

The summer months in the west of Ireland are full of delights for the senses. Over the course of five days you will walk along easy terrain and cliffs edges into quaint rural Irish villages. Enjoy a delicious seafood dinner in the seaside town of Lahinch where you can spend some time checking out the pro surfers that gather to make the most of the epic surf. Along the route you will walk by the world famous Cliffs of Moher and learn a few words of the Irish language.

Learn more about the Burren Wayscenic-walks-in-ireland-travel-adventures-Irelandways

Walking in Wicklow in Springtime

Vast green landscapes, small rural villages and friendly locals will be highlights of your time on the stunning walking trails in Wicklow. Spring is always a top time to get out your walking boots and head for the hills.

On the Wicklow Way you will enjoy undulating mountains and viewing points of the patchwork landscape everywhere you turn.

Stop by the 6th century monastic site at Glendalough for a slice of Irish history before continuing on peaceful paths beside beautiful lakes. Finishing up in the buzzing capital city of Dublin this is a popular route all year round.

Learn more about the Wicklow Way

Stroll along the Giant’s Causeway in Autumn

See the famous Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge as you walk along the coast of Northern Ireland. You will have the opportunity to visit the stunning Glengariff forest park area of natural conservation. The world famous sites on this route comes in the shape of 40,000 giant columns that are a dominant feature of the landscape. It became a UNESCO listed world heritage site in 2006.

From the car park you can follow the Waterfall Walk markers that will take you by three beautiful waterfalls. This is the perfect photo opportunities. Follow the steep descents and lush forest trails. There is a visitor centre, an exhibition, an interactive display and a shop available for you to grab a cup of tea when you are out and about. Three waterfalls can be found by following the marked trails and provide a rich backdrop for photographers, as do the other forest trails.

These walks are situated in a working forest environment and may be subject to diversion and closure from time to time.

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The Beautiful Kerry Way in Winter-timea-walk-for-all-seasons-walking-routes-in-ireland

You won’t hear many people advise you to get out for a walk in winter-time but there is no better time to dust away the cobwebs and get a fresh start. Say hello to the locals and have a pint of Guinness as you pass through some of Ireland’s most charming villages on this amazing trail.

Over the course of 6 days you will walk through the spectacular landscapes of Southern Ireland.

Learn more about the Kerry Way

There is no wrong time of the year to be out on the trails. Yes, the weather will have an impact on your journey but never let it stop you from feeling the wind in your face and enjoying well needed time outdoors.

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