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8 unmissable Irish food and drink products

Ireland is world renowned for its wonderful Irish food and drink products. If you visit Ireland on a walking or cycling holiday you can afford to indulge a little more than usual based on your exercise! These are the 8 products we wouldn’t leave Irish shores without tasting;

Irish butter is acclaimed for its smooth, luxurious texture and rich flavour. Known here as ‘real butter’, farmers use milk from grass fed cows to produce the spread. Expert tip: Spread a thick dollop of Irish butter onto a slice of batch bread in the morning. Heaven!

irish food cheeseCheese
Our next example of wonderful Irish food is another dairy product, and it’s an absolute beauty. Irish Cheese probably deserves an entire blog post of its own, with such variety to choose from. Ask a local cheese-monger to prepare a cheeseboard for you, so you can sample the lot!

Black pudding is traditional in Ireland and is a stalwart in a full Irish Breakfast. This delicacy can be eaten hot or cold but most people tend to prefer the cooked version. It’s full of protein and low in carbohydrates so it’s ideal for muscle recovery the morning after a long walk.

irish food slamonSalmon
Salmon caught from fresh Irish waters have a truly unique taste. We’d recommend smoked salmon for breakfast and a darne for dinner! Some of the best salmon fisheries in the world lie off the coast of Mayo, which you’ll pass hiking The Great Western Greenway.

The word whiskey is derived from the Irish phrase ‘uisce beatha’ meaning ‘water of life’. This will give you an indication as to how seriously the Irish take their whiskey! Ireland is awash with incredible whiskey brands, including Connemara Whiskey which has been named as the world best single malt. You’ll pass Connemara cycling the Wild Atlantic Way.

irish food guinnessGuinness
It was 1759 when Arthur Guinness first unleashed his creamy creation on the world, and it hasn’t changed much since. Guinness is now available in 120 countries worldwide but, as any seasoned drinker of ‘the black stuff’ will tell you, there’s no competition for a pint in an Irish pub. Visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin after completing The Wicklow Way.

Tea is almost a religion in Ireland, with many great and important decisions having been made over a pot of steaming blend. Common tea based arguments include which brand is the tastiest, and whether you like milk and sugar in your hot drink. After a cold day walking, a cup of lovely tea will go down a treat and set you up for the evening ahead!

irish food strawberriesStrawberries
The summer weather in Ireland is unpredictable, but delicious summer strawberries are a certainty. Strawberries are natures gift to us, they’re packed with vitamin C and provide an electric energy boost. When walking in Ireland, leave the chocolate bar alone and pick up a punnet of fresh strawberries.

Have we missed anything? What’s your favourite Irish food or drink? If so let us know in the comments below!

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