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6 Irish meals you have to Taste in Ireland

From fresh fish to homegrown vegetables Ireland is packed full of flavoursome treats for everyone to enjoy during their time on the Island. We have chosen our six most loved Irish meals.

If you are craving the old Irish ambiance then head to the West. The colourful houses and cobbled streets in towns like Dingle, Doolin and Westport will set the scene before you sample a taste of Ireland. All along the most popular walking routes you will find restaurants offering the best Irish comfort food. With warm, hearty ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, cream and guinness, the below list isn’t for the calorie counters but who counts calories when you are on holidays?

Plus, if you are on one of our walking holidays you don’t¬†have to worry as you will get enough exercise each day to enjoy tucking into a tasty meal each evening.


Irish Breakfast

The first must try meal when you are spending a little time walking in Ireland is a full Irish breakfast. Fueling your body with breakfast goodness is the perfect way to start the day before any long distance trail. A typical breakfast includes sausages, rashers, pudding (both black and white), hash-browns and beans. Always accompanied by plenty of toast and a pot of Barry’s tea. This can be topped up with mushrooms and other treats if you want to give it your all.

Irish Stew

The hearty stew is a historic staple in most Irish households. Often reserved for the weekends as a great stew needs a bit of time to cook. Beef, carrots and onions are three key ingredients in this tasty Irish classic dish.

Fresh Mussels

Being a small Island surrounded by fresh water Ireland basks in the luxury of having plenty of fresh fish and some of the best shellfish in the world. Mussels are a favourite with Irish chefs and you will find them on a lot of menus along the West coast. Again, a good pot of mussels will be accompanied by some wholesome bread, Irish soda bread being one of the best sides.

Seafood Chowder

Personally, one of my top meals, a hot bowl of creamy Seafood Chowder cannot be beaten. A warm, filling seafood chowder is found on plenty of menus along the West coast of Ireland. Each restaurant will have their own twist on what should be included in a chowder but the more shell fish the better. Prawns, mussels and cod are just a few of the staples you might come across in a creamy chowder recipe. Make sure to get a side of freshly made brown soda bread that will help you to mop up the leftover soup.


Fish and Chips

This is the perfect dish after any of our long distance trails, providing you with well needed substance and a boost of energy. Restaurants will have different versions of this tasty meal, putting secret ingrediants in the batter to enhance the flavours (hint, hint: club soda makes a batter extra crispy). If you don’t have time to try fish and chips in a restaurant don’t fear you will find a take-away chipper on nearly every street corner of Ireland so you can pick up a taste of the fish and chip experience.

Irish Soda Bread

Okay this isn’t a full meal but it will fill you right up and goes perfectly alongside any homemade soup. This is a simple Irish classic. Served warm out of the oven with homemade jam and a dolop of cream is the best way to sample this staple. If you are heading to the west coast of Ireland for your next walking holiday you will find delicious soda bread with freshIrish vegetable soup in numerous restaurants along your route.


These are some of our top Irish meals to try when you visiting any part of the Island. Do you have anymore recommendations?

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