24 Hours in Galway

Galway is a city located on the West Coast of Ireland that can be found along our Wild Atlantic Cycling Way Connemara. This city is small in size but definitely packs a punch when it comes to activities and sights. The actual atmosphere of Galway is what makes it world famous. You’re guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms by the hospitable locals.

Here’s how we’d spend 24 hours in Galway!

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Head north toward Ashford Castle enjoying views of Lough Corrib, Ireland’s largest lake. After a quick look around the castle you can board a history cruise on the lake with Corrib Cruises. This amazing tour lasts about an hour, and teaches you about the history and folklore of the lake and the surrounding area while you are surrounded by the Connemara Mountains and the beautiful natural landscape.


Continue your day with a stroll on Salthill Promenade. This seaside resort is absolutely gorgeous, and a walk along the Promenade will set you up perfectly for an afternoon of exploring. Bask in views of The Aran Islands and The Burren. While at Salthill make sure to visit the Aquarium, which contains species of fish that are local to the region. If you are visiting with children you can go to Leisureland, an outdoor amusement park which promises great fun!


Now that you’ve explored the outskirts, it’s time to head back into the heart of city. To get a feel for the spirit of Galway, visit Shop Street. This little haven is littered with pubs, local independent businesses, cafes and buskers playing traditional Irish tunes. You can stop and pick up some traditional Celtic jewellery.


You can’t leave Galway without visiting the Spanish Arch. This landmark is perhaps Galway’s most iconic and dates all the way back to 1854. Galway was once a walled city and the Arch was used to access the quays from the town. Sit back and relax with a drink at the Spanish Arch Hotel admiring the view.


Galway is flooded with incredible restraunts. Naturally, being next to the Atlantic Ocean, the seafood here is some of the best in the World. There are also some fabulous Gastro Pubs, that serve innovative creations based on traditional Irish Cuisine. When your tummy starts rumbling, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


After dinner, it’s time to head for the salmon-galwaypub. Galway pubs are known for serving some of the creamiest Guiness in all the land! There are also lots of locally crafted beers, Galway Hooker is one of note, that are available in most pubs. Try to find a pub with a live trad music session, and don’t be afraid to mingle with the locals, they’re a great bunch!

TOP TIP: If you feel a little peckish after your drinks hit Cross Street and go to Supermac’s. This Irish fast food chain was started right here in Galway and the locals swear by it!


Your time in Galway is nearly coming to an end, but you have just enough time to visit the Galway Cathedral. Enjoy a filling breakfast and head for the imposing building that was constructed on the site of a former prison. It was built in 1965 and is one of Europe’s newest.

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