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12 Irish phrases visitors should know

To help you understand the local Irish humour here are a few Irish phrases that all visitors should be aware of.

The Irish language is confusing enough with all of it’s fadas and to make matters worse we have¬†colloquial versions of the English language too.


Here is our list of Irish phrases for tourists coming to experience the fantastic Irish culture:

“Go way outta that” – This is the something we say when we don’t believe someone but we want to be friendly instead of calling them a liar.

“Chips” – This can be very confusing for tourists from the United States.If you order a bag of chips in a bar and get a basket of freshly sliced potatoes don’t try to return them. Chips are the fries of Ireland.

“How’s she cuttin?” – How has your day been?

“Jacks” – For no particular reason the men of Ireland have nicknamed toilets ‘Jacks’.

“What’s the craic?” – This is often said as a general greeting. The craic is an irish word for fun. It has no association with the drug.

“Away with the fairies” or “Away with the birds” – Behaving in a strange manner

“Do you fancy a few scoops?” – Would you like to go for a few alcoholic beverages?

“An awful chancer” – A gambler or somebody who tried to get away with something he/she shouldn’t be doing.

“A culchie” – Someone from the countryside or anywhere outside of Dublin.

“Gobsmacked” – Shocked

“Up to ninety” – Highly strung or a little bit stressed

“The banter” – When Irish people mock eachother and laugh about it.

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