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10 reasons to hike Ireland in 2020

There are so many reasons to hike Ireland that we struggled to condense our list to ten. This little island is famous around the world for its welcome and tradition. Many people worldwide claim Irish heritage and 2020 is the perfect year for them to retrace their family history on the Emerald Isle. Whether you have ‘green blood’ or not, hiking in Ireland is a truly unforgettable experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives.

It’s a great way to get healthy

Hiking is a wonderful way to burn calories and shake off those Christmas cobwebs.

Experience ‘real’ Ireland

Sometimes you see a quirky sanitized version of Ireland in the media and major cities. Hiking rural trails will allow you to immerse yourself in ‘real’ Ireland.

Meet friendly locals

‘Céad míle fáilte’ is a well known Irish phrase that means ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’, and that’s what you should expect when you visit Ireland. The country is famous for its hospitality.

Experience quaint towns

Some of the towns along the various ‘ways’ in Ireland are are amazing fun. For example, The Dingle Way features two very special towns steeped in history and culture; Tralee and Dingle.

Learn about the ancient history of Ireland

You will see examples of ancient ruins along the trails in Ireland. Ancient cooking pits called Fullach Fia’s and standing stones are just some of the wonders of this walk back in time.

Taste the food an drink

Irish cuisine isn’t well known throughout the world but the island is home to some of the freshest seafood on the planet. Farming is a huge part of the culture here and organic produce is rife.

Have some ‘Craic agus Ceoil’

The pub is a local institution in Ireland. It’s here that many debates are started and finished with great conversation over Guinness or Whiskey. Don’t leave Ireland without experiencing a trad music session in the local pub.

Cycle along the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way refers to the West Coast of Ireland. It’s traditionally a driving route but you can cycle the Great Western Greenway from Mayo to Achill.

Visit for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated throughout the world but has its roots in Ireland. You’ll need to book early to be here for the 17th of March when the nation grinds to a halt for a huge party!

Immerse yourself in nature

Last but not least we have nature. The flora and fauna in Ireland are diverse and beautiful. The island truly is green and you will loose yourself in the gorgeous landscapes.

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