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The ‘Ireland: Essential Walking Guide’ is available for anyone who is planning their adventure hiking in Ireland. This ebook is divided into chapters that focus on the best that Ireland has to offer to all hiking, walking and outdoor enthusiasts.

The first chapter details the most popular long distance walking routes that you can choose from. The second chapter gives the reader a overview of the Irish culture that you will expect to find along the way. The third chapter was designed to prepare you for your next hiking journey in Ireland with useful travel tips, fitness advice and some packing guidelines.

In addition to the specific preparation advice the ebook includes some information on the Irish language, some useful local phrases, a list of our favourite festivals and the delicious food that you might sample after a long day on the trails.

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The Wild Atlantic Way fitness ebook gives the reader easy workout routines, useful exercises and a step by step workout plan.

If you are planning any hiking or walking holiday in Ireland you will need to be physically and mentally prepared. Our personal trainer has come up with a six-month fitness programme designed to get you fit for next walking adventure. The Wild Atlantic Way is 2,500 km of the most spectacular scenery along the west coast of Ireland, stretching from County Derry in the North to west Cork in the South. This fitness programme is designed for anyone who is preparing for a long hike, trekking tours, walking across different terrains and people interested in healthy living.

We hope that this 6 month guide will act as a plan as you start to get healthy and fit for your journey.

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Download these useful ebooks and you can use them as a reference when you are planning for the next time when you will go hiking in Ireland. The Walking in Ireland beginners ebook will give you a great overview of the various walking routes to choose from and some handy travel tips for your journey. The fitness guide contains useful workout routines and exercises to help you get fit for the road ahead.

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