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Our travel tips section is designed to help you to prepare in advance for the next time that you are hiking in Ireland or embarking on a cycling holiday in Ireland.

hiking-achill-island-walking-wild-atlantic-way-ireland-waysBest time of the year to go hiking in Ireland is Summer, from May to September, when days are longer and weather is drier. Spring and Autumn is also a good time to walk in Ireland, although they can be wetter months. Check with our travel specialists about the best time to walk in Ireland, as it will depend on the trail you are choosing. Temperatures don’t generally go over low 20s in Summer so Ireland has a very good climate for walking. Just make sure you always bring a raincoat with you!

Check our calendar of festivals in Ireland.

fitness-level-walking-holiday-ireland-waysWe have partnered with health and fitness specialist Peter Duffy from Dublin, to bring you professional advice and tips to help you prepare for your walking holiday.

On his blog posts Peter shares specialist advice such as monthly fitness plans and specific exercises to help you get your body in shape and prevent common injuries such as blisters, shin splints and more.


More fitness advice from Pete:

Tips for cycling the Wild Atlantic Way – Part 1

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Why not join our monthly preparation walks, taking place the last Sunday of each month?

To contact Pete for more information/advice:

Some walkers have suggested making a photocopy of your passport and other important documents and leaving it with a family member so that if you lose it while on the trek, you can just get them faxed to you. Moreover, check that your passport is still valid, if not, we recommend that you send it away as the processing time can be long.

Some people find roaming charges for mobile phones are really expensive therefore; if you intend to leave you phone home, you can always purchase prepaid cards and use the payphone to ring home (or our 24/7 support number). Most hotels will have WIFI and will have facilities to send an email or call.

There is no need to bring any books other than your guidebook, to avoid more weight in your backpack. However if you book with your luggage will be transferred so you can bring a reading book along!

Although there would be many pharmacies in all main villages and towns, there will be stretches in the mountains, forests with no shops so make sure you take some basic medication you might need with you.

There is nothing worse than to bring the wrong gear to the trip. Always check the weather online, the type of route you are taking, before you go as this can determine what you will need. If you travel during the summer there is no need to bring heavy hiking boots and they will only slow you down. In this case we suggest you bring a good pair of walking shoes.

You are in Ireland so it is likely to rain at some stage! Always take a waterproof jacket during your hike (a light one in Summer months) and different layers of clothing so you can taken them off while you are walking and put them back on when you are resting or having a break. At we agree with the saying: there isn’t such a thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes!

If you are walking, your shoes are the most important piece of equipment so make sure you try them before you go. Please note that change of clean socks (wool/cotton looped variety) each day can make a huge difference. If you are hiking in Ireland in the Summer, sun protection is important to keep your skin healthy.

We take a particular pride in our practical and useful holiday packs for your trip cycling and walking in Ireland. The hoLuggage-tags-front---Holiday-Pack---Caminowaysliday packs are prepared by the team and contains all the information you need to enjoy your trip with

The holiday pack is sent one month before departure (by email and post) and it includes:

By email: hotel information, information about your accommodation and their location, cycling/walking notes and maps (or a guidebook by post, depending on the route and availability), a general information document including details about how luggage transfers and other services booked with us work, as well as practical information such as our 24/7 assistance number, what to bring and other tips for the trip. This information will be emailed to you and it is very important you download it, read it at home and print it to take with you on your trip.


By post: luggage tags for the group to be attached to your luggage during the trip (and guidebook when/if necessary).

Our walking notes and practical information reflect the route as accurately as possible and are updated by the team as often as possible. Like with any other holiday, in addition to our walking notes, we recommend you bring any additional literature you might have, as well as reading about the route and the area before you travel for additional information about events and special dates, culture, heritage, etc…

Guidebooks- Holiday Pack - Travel Tips -IrelandWays

*For last minute bookings: your holiday pack will be sent as soon as possible.

This is the tag that should be attached to your luggage in order to be transferred from hotel to hotel, and easily identified by our transporters. You only need to write your booking reference and contact details. Our transporters have more tags, so if the tag gets damaged they will replace them with your details, you don’t have to worry.

Our holidays are graded by 3 categories of difficulty: Easy (1,2), Moderate (3,4) and Challenging (5). Have a look at our walking holiday grading system that will assist you to decide which holiday is best for you! One of the first questions people ask is if they need to train before going on a hiking holiday, the short answer is yes!Preparation-Walk-Rathdrum

Walk with the team

The and team organises a guided walk every month in Ireland. If you are planning a long distance walking holiday or just love the outdoors, why not join us? Check Facebook Events to find out about our next walk.

And remember, walking a long distance trail will be challenging but it should also be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience… a bit of preparation will definitely help you on your way.

Our holidays don’t include flights or insurance but we highly recommend you book travel insurance for your trip. Travel Insurance helps you to minimize the financial risks of illness, accidents, theft, lost luggage and emergencies when you are travelling. It is important to research the types of insurance coverage available before you travel to any destination. Policies will vary in terms of what is included in a travel insurance package. Does it include medical cover? Does in include baggage insurance? Does it include flight cover? These are the types of questions you should be asking when purchasing any Travel Insurance for your next Irish tour.

Basic cover generally includes:

  • Emergency medical care abroad, personal accident, out-patient medical expenses, repatriation (Sometimes).
  • When things go wrong with your travel plans: If the trip is cancelled, if you miss your departure, if there’s any travel delay, if you lose your luggage, travel home care.
  • Losing money, passport, and important things: including lost passport expenses, lost money, cover personal liability, legal expenses.

Depending on where you are travelling from your health insurance may not include travel medical insurance cover. Be sure to check with your provider before your travel abroad. Remember if you have any medical conditions such as allergies talk to your doctor well in advance of your trip. Ensure that you have sufficient supplies for the course of your journey and take the necessary precautions before attempting a long distance walking or cycling holiday in Ireland

Long distance walking can be the most rewarding active holiday type. Make sure that you are prepared for walking the long distances each day and do a fitness check before you leave on your journey. All of our clients can get a free travel insurance quotation from WorldNomads:

Use these practical travel tips to help you prepare for the next time you go hiking in Ireland or anytime you want to do a cycling holiday. If you have any questions, the team is always happy to assist, give us a call on +353 1 5252886 or email us

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