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Introducing…Volunteer trail Warden: Eileen Jeuken

This week we are taking some time to get to know Eileen Jeuken, one of 6 Volunteer trail wardens on the Burren Way. Eileen is one of a group of Volunteers signed up to monitor and manage the Burren Way trails and markings.

Name: Eileen Jeuken

Describe yourself in three words: Hardworking, motivated and resourcefulEileen-picture-the-burren-way-volunteer-trail-warden

What makes the Burren special? The Burren is a unique place. It’s barren landscape can appear of a desolate state from the offset, but only when you walk amongst the hills the area truly comes alive. The Burren is a little hidden gem for all things nature.

What is your favorite place along the way? My favourite place along the Burren Way is the very top of Mullachmore mountain. This mountain situated in the heart of the Burren National Park rises as a peak above the surrounding landscape, allowing you to view the jigsaw configured limestone pavements from a distant height.

Have you found anything strange during your inspections? To date my inspections of the Burren way have not encountered anything strange or unexpected. The section of the trail which I warden appears to be well kept with walkers adhering to the ‘leave no trace’ slogan. The only erratic finding to date has been a few traces of tissue paper litter.

Can you give us a tip to follow when we are out walking the trail? The main thing is to make sure you are well equipped before you set off on any walk, so the regulars; good clothing and footwear and a good snack. In addition a good walking stick is a handy item. Also remember that depending on the time of year and the time of day you set out, bring a flashlight with you just in case darkness falls before you reach your destination. And as the Burren is prone to short sharp showers, I would advise that if you see a heavy cloud up ahead, take shelter (if you can find it) for those few minutes and the rain will pass you by and you’ll keep dry.

Are there any gear or food essentials that you would recommend for walkers? Yes, bring water, small light energy rich snack (nuts and seeds or cereal bars for example) and a sturdy walking stick. It is important that you are clothed appropriately for the walk and remember to dress in layers, because as soon as you set on any walk off you’ll quickly find your warming up so being able to take off/or put on layers is a simple comfort , but remember do bring a small backpack to carry your stuff.

Your motto: Just get up and go! Get out into nature and your soul will come alive.

Thank you to Eileen to providing us with this short introduction. As part of our commitment to responsible travel, in 2016 we supported a Clare Get Sidetracked initiative with our Greenlife Fund.

To learn more about the Greenlife Fund or any of our walking and cycling routes in Ireland please contact one of our travel specialists.


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