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Introducing…Burren Way trail Warden: Sarah Clancy

Sarah Clancy is one of a number of trail wardens who looks after the Burren Way trail as part of the Greenlife Fund. The annual Greenlife Fund has been set up by Dublin-based Greenlife Tours Ltd. (best known as and to support inspirational projects that promote responsible travel.flora-and-fauna-the-burren-landscape-ireland

Sarah and her fellow wardens take care of the Burren Way. This beautiful long distance walking trail from Lahinch crosses the famous Burren landscape, in County Clare, South West Ireland. The route also passes by the Cliffs of Moher, the most visited hiking trail in Ireland, with half a million users on the trail in 2015. The walking trail is managed by Burren Way Ltd in partnership with Clare Rural Recreation Officer, Eoin Hogan.

TRAIL WARDEN: SARAH CLANCYflowers-on-the-burren-way-trail-irelandways
Question: Describe yourself in three words:
Answer: Middle aged spread
Question: What makes the Burren special?
Answer: The Burren is a magic place it has everything from dolmens to ringforts to wild goats to the spectacular Atlantic views, to the holy wells and Norman tower houses, places like Oughtmama and Corcomroe Abbey and sunsets and caves and flowers- it really is pretty special.
Question: What is your favourite place along the way?
Answer: My favourite place is a sheltered part of the
trail where a scattering of blackthorns have grown- underfoot here it is mossy and the trees have all grown in the direction of the prevailing wind and so when it is raining or misty they look like an army of trees advancing…
Question: Have you found anything strange during your inspections?historic-sites-on-the-burren-way-irelandways
Answer: No, I have met the land owner a few times and he is a very genial and clever man to talk to – he wouldn’t have voted for either Trump or Clinton in the US elections….
Question: Can you give us a tip to follow when we are out walking the trail?old-church-on-the-burren-way-trail-ireland

Answer: No the part that I walk is very easy, there is plenty to see, mainly I would say to make sure not to miss the tomb/stone alignment that is in the first field above the farmyard that you have pass through if you approach the trail from that direction (from the Drumbrickaun townland if you are using a map.
Question: Are there any gear or food essentials that you would recommend for walkers?
Answer: On the part of the burren way that I walk it can be quite wet underfoot compared to elsewhere and so good waterproof boots would be advisable.

We would like to congratulate all of the wardens on the Burren Way for their volunteering and we look forward to supporting more inspiring Greenlife Fund projects in the future. For more information about any of the trails contact one of our travel specialists.